Importance of School Facilities in Education

When choosing a school for their children, parents should consider the facilities provided by each school in order to select the best school for their children’s development. The facilities of a school impact overall learning process as well as the mental and physical growth of the students. These also affect the academic performance of the student to some extent. So, parents must consider the school’s facilities.

Smart & Digital Classes

Infrastructure and facilities of RIS are of international standard so that students can get the benefit of global learning technology, study materials, activity-based learning, exact knowledge, thought-provoking content, evaluation, and competition with toppers of the world through fully equipped digital classrooms and to enable students to get the visualization of the subtle concept of the subject matter.

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Our school has a well-stocked library, staffed adequately to keep the library in good order and to guide the students during their library periods to make the best use of the library and the books. The stock is constantly expanded and expanded and updated to provide meaningful reference material to students and teachers. All have access to the library which follows the Dewey system of classification. There is a special section for ‘oversight books’ for the use of all the students. This section contains supplementary reading materials like parallel textbooks, reference books, maps, and examination papers. There is a special section for teachers. There is also a video Film Library of informative and educational films, catering to the needs of different age groups.

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Science & Laboratory

RIS believes in experimental learning for all and it maintains will be equipped Physics, Chemistry, and Biology labs with attendants and adequate safety measures. These labs provide ample platforms for young scientists to quench the thirst of their research minds. Social Science lab, Mathematics lab, Commerce lab, Lingua lab facilities the students to learn at their own pace with practical exposures in the emerging trends of globalization.

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Sports and Co-Curricular Activities

Sports and co-curricular activities provide students with seamless experiences for their holistic development. These activities are an extension of core educational and developmental experiences. Apart from enhancing the proficiency levels, they also foster sportsman spirit, enhance physical endurance, promote healthy competition and ensure overall development of children. Sports Facilities:- The school is equipped with 2 large sports fields Apart from the one that is in the main school campus and one more at the backyard of our school.

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Republic day celebration

Shariqah International School celebrated the 72nd Republic Day with great enthusiasm and felicity. The entire school was adorned with tricolour flags and balloons. The event started with Mr. Santosh Kumar (principal) hoisting the flag who was then joined by the Vice-Principal, the Dean of Academics and the Academic Coordinators. Next up was the singing of the National Anthem by the entire school followed by the school choir singing ‘Vande Matram.’

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