About Us

Welcome to ShariQah International School, a learning community committed to setting high expectations and standards for all students.

It is the responsibility of our school to foster an environment that encourages students to be excited about learning, challenges them to be the very best they can be, and celebrates each child as an individual. It is our belief that a strong partnership between home and school is vital to the success of our students. The collaborative efforts of our incredibly dedicated and talented staff & parents only serves to enhance the elementary experience for our children. It is our goal to nurture healthy, socially responsible citizens who recognize themselves as valuable members of our school & global community.










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Our Vision

EDUCATION FOR EXCELLENCE – Excellence is not just a skill yet an attitude . Our aim is to shape up highly skilled future citizens


Our Mission

We will ensure enhanced efficiency and fortified processes by optimizing and automating repeated, time-consuming tasks.


Our Values

Shariqah International School strives to imbue in students the determination and abilities to discover the treasure within

Meet The Founder

Our mission is to provide a caring, healthy and challenging environment where children prepare to meet with confidence, imagination, and integrity, the challenges of life. In partnership with supportive families, we strive to develop in each child the desire and discipline to grow in wisdom, to lead lives of personal honour, to embrace diversity, to appreciate beauty, to pursue physical well being and to interact with others with a generous and compassionate spirit. In fulfilling our mission, we subscribe to the following core beliefs: That the ultimate goal of education is to cultivate in each student a lifelong passion for learning. That each student’s academic potential is most fully realized through a challenging and varied curriculum under pinned with appropriate support. That students learn best in a respectful, supportive community of trust where each student’s learning needs and abilities are understood and accommodated as fully as possible.

Why Choose

the students a sense of right courses , discipline and duty to the society

Teaching Methods

Simple and perfectly planned, easy to understand teaching methods.

Curricular Activities

In-depth knowledge to improve your productivity.

Festivals and Theatre

Guidance on best practices to save time.

Smart Class Rooms

Tips and tricks to enhance efficiency.